A Taste of Leadership – The Montessori Kindergarten Year from Four Seasons Montessori


Four Seasons Montessori our sister school in Nanaimo, shared an article about the third Primary Year and the long term benefits the last primary (or Kindergarten) year can bring to the Primary Montessori student.

I have felt fortunate to have shared this experience with many kindergarten aged children over the years and this third year in the Montessori class can offer a very special experience to the child.  As the article that follows discusses there are many benefits for the 5 year old child, one that I feel is especially important is the development of their self-esteem.  Having watched these children as hesitant 3 year olds and then settled 4 year olds, as 5 year olds they seem to blossom as they move with surety through their day.  They know that they can take on any task that they choose, further more they are confident in offering their skills to help other children.  Children who stay in the Montessori program for a third year really do seem to naturally become confident, self-motivated, independent and considerate.

To read the full article, follow this link: A Taste of Leadership – The Montessori Kindergarten Year