Shawnigan Lake Montessori
My family and I are forever grateful to Nicky, who is the first teacher to both our daughters at Shawnigan Lake Montessori. Nicky is a blessing and has instilled both confidence and a passion to learn in our children. We attribute Grace, our daughter’s focus, dedication, and success in Kindergarten and Grade 1 because of her early start with Nicky. Being a reserved and sensitive child, Nicky took Grace under her wing. A kind, gentle and patient approach is combined with Nicky’s wealth of knowledge and competence with children. She has a gift to see each child individually, each with their own unique strengths and personalities. Her love and dedication are something that we - as parents - are eternally grateful for. The teachings she imparts on our children are values that will stick with them as they progress through life. There is going to be a lot of sadness this June when our second and last child graduates from SLM!
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